Will Neverfail Operate with SAN & NAS Devices?



This Knowledgebase article provides information about Neverfail's compatibility with SAN and NAS devices.


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Neverfail’s data replication engine is primarily designed to protect data stored on local NTFS disk drives, and is independent of the physical hardware.

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is basically a file-server box. To a connected client system, it exposes network shares. The connection from client to NAS is over the TCP/IP network. For efficiency reasons, it will almost always be a fast connection (100MBps or 1GBps). Neverfail Heartbeat installed on the client system will not be able to replicate the data held remotely on the NAS-connected network drives.

Storage Area Network devices are designed to be fast storage solutions which appear to the connected client system as a local disk where the remote physical storage is connected to the client system with a fibre-channel or gigabyte Ethernet interface.

Neverfail Heartbeat works with SANs which are fully compatible with local NTFS drives. The level of compatibility will depend upon the SAN manufacturer’s software driver, reflecting the diversity of SAN solutions. Your Neverfail Partner representative will be able to offer implementation advice should you wish to consider this option.


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