How to Ensure Synch Verify is Successful.



This Knowledgebase article provides information about how to ensure Synch Verify is successful.


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It is recommended that the Synch Verify stage should only be carried out at a time pre-determined by Neverfail SCOPE so that is likely not to cause system problems. Any program or process of events that puts a heavy load on the server and its resources can cause problems with Synch Verify and in extreme cases can cause a failure of the Synch Verify process.

Initial Synch Verify should be avoided if any of the following is likely happen during the Synch Verify stage:

  1. SCOPE has not been used to determine when Synch Verify should run.
  2. Normal operating hours where large amounts of users are accessing the system (Large amounts of changing data can slow the Synch Verify process considerably).
  3. Extra file filters added manually during install.
  4. Backup causes a drain on system resources.
  5. Bandwidth has not been tested in the environment Neverfail will be required to run.


Stopping and restarting Synch Verify from the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client can resolve most issues if Synch Verify has failed. However, please contact Support if the problem persists.


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