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This Knowledgebase article provides information about how to use 'nfpktfltr' command-line options.


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The 'nfpktfltr' command allows for multiple command-line options. See the information below about how to use these options.


From C:\Neverfail\R2\bin>nfpktfltr.exe, execute the command with the following options:

To install/uninstall the Neverfail Packet Filter for Neverfail Heartbeat prior to V5.0.1:

install - install nfpktfltr from directory

uninstall - uninstall nfpktfltr from all adapters

To install/uninstall for Neverfail Heartbeat V5.0.1 and later

install %installdir%\neverfail\r2\drivers\nfpktfltr\5.0.802 - install nfpktfltr

uninstall %installdir%\neverfail\r2\drivers\nfpktfltr\5.0.802 - uninstall nfpktfltr from all adapters

Other options include:

Option Function
enable enable the network for active server
disable disable the network for passive server
arp send gratuitous ARPs on all public IP addresses
setstate [block | filter | passthru] set the filter state
getstate get the filter state
setloadstate [block | filter | passthru] set the filter load state
getloadstate get the filter load state
setfilter [ [yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy]] set the IP addresses to filter
getfilter get the filtered IP addresses
setnetbiosfilter [0 | 1] enable or disable NetBIOS filtering
getnetbiosfilter see the results of the above
setloglevel [0 | 1 | 2] set driver event log level to disable, normal, debug
getloglevel see the results of the above
Note: The commands above are an example and the folder version number (5.0.802) may differ from the actual location you are working from. The location %installdir%\neverfail\r2\drivers\nfpktfltr\%neverfailversion% must exist before the command will execute. If this folder location does not exist and you are unsure about how to continue please contact your Neverfail Support representative.


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