What does the FSI Data Collector Tool do?


Initially it interrogates the system through standard Windows API calls and Windows Management Interface resources to ascertain system and application specific environment variables including:

o A list of all windows services and their status

o The size, type, file system used (NTFS/FAT etc), space available and compression of each partition.

o The network configuration of each network card.

o Information with regards to all shares

o The Windows version, release, install location, HAL version, paths and temporary paths

o The processor family, revision, speed, and quantity

o Windows startup parameters including memory configurations and the 3GB switch

o The amount of Physical memory, virtual memory and pagefile

o A list of all scheduled tasks

o A list of all printers

o A list of all critical system event logs

o A list of all critical application event logs

o TCP/IP port usage

o TCP/IP Routing information and where applicable the traceroute results to the secondary


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