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This Knowledgebase article provides information about Sophos Anti-Virus specific advice.

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Neverfail recommends the following when implementing Neverfail with Sophos Anti-Virus.

  • Ensure the recommendations in Knowledgebase article #104 - 'Neverfail Heartbeat and Anti-Virus Tools - General Advice regarding inter-operability with Anti-Virus Scanners' has been followed.
  • Prior to installing Neverfail Heartbeat and the AMX for Sophos, you must ensure Sophos is installed without the 'Intercheck Client' software. If you are in any doubt please perform the following steps:
    1. Uninstall MailMonitor for Exchange.
    2. Uninstall Sophos Antivirus. 
    3.  During the install of the Sophos Anti-Virus product, deselect the Intercheck Client. This is in accordance with the advice given in the readmmex.txt, in the MailMonitor installation folder, under point 4). Please note the advice regarding simply stopping the Intercheck Client is not sufficient, the component must not be installed.
    4. Once the antivirus core scanner is installed, you can then proceed with the MailMonitor install.
    5. Install Neverfail Heartbeat for Exchange.

If this advice is not followed, some of the Sophos protected files will fail to sync verify
because they are in use on the passive server.

c:\program files \sophos sweep for nT\icmon.exe
c:\program files \sophos sweep for nT\icmonres.dll
c:\program files \sophos sweep for nT\icstat.dll

  • Due to the monthly software release cycle of Sophos, Neverfail recommends that:
    1. Prior to installation of Neverfail Heartbeat on a server running Sophos Anti-Virus, the version information is checked against the AMX module name.
    2. Installs can only be performed against certain versions of the Sophos software, however it is possible to upgrade to the latest version of the Sophos software after installing the AMX, please contact support if your version does not match the AMX.
  • Further Sophos specific information is contained in Knowledgebase article #141 - Apply Exceptions After a Switch When Using Sophos MailMonitor for Exchange'.
  • If you are only using the File Level component, and do not have the MailMonitor for Exchange component installed, then you do not require the AMX. Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server directories must be excluded from File Level AV scans as advised by Microsoft and Sophos.

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