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Neverfail recommends the following when implementing Neverfail with McAfee AntiVirus:

  • Review and follow the advice provided in Knowledgebase article #104 – ‘Neverfail Heartbeat and Anti-Virus Tools - General Advice regarding inter-operability with Anti-Virus Scanners’.
  • Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server directories must be excluded from File Level AV scans as advised by both Microsoft and McAfee.  McAfee AntiVirus does not scan the MS Exchange directories by default in their location at “c:\program files\exchsrvr”. Neverfail recommends checking exclusions configured in McAfee as these may differ depending on the location of your Microsoft Exchange files.
  • Please contact support if you encounter any problems starting/stopping McAfee services.
  • Under normal runtime conditions, when the McAfee VirusScan is installed together with McAfee GroupShield for Microsoft Exchange on the same server, by default, it will prevent any updates to the Registry Configuration of the passive server. These updates are registry locations and are required in order to fully replicate the McAfee GroupShield configuration protected by the Neverfail Plug-in for McAfee GroupShield.
  • If the McAfee VirusScan doesn’t allow registry configuration updates to be applied on the passive server, the Registry Synchronization Status in the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client will be shown as OutOfSynch, and no MakeActive action will be allowed.
  • In order to allow successful replication of the GroupShield registry configuration, disable the OnAccess Scan Option in the McAfee Console.

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