Best Practices for Moving or Migrating Mailboxes with Microsoft Exchange 2000 or 2003



This Knowledgebase article provides information about best practices for moving or migrating mailboxes with Microsoft Exchange 2000 or 2003.

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Neverfail recommends that Neverfail for Exchange be shutdown for the duration of any mailbox moves or migrations on the Neverfail Heartbeat server pair.

Minimizing the Impact of Migration

System resources, particularly CPU and disk activity can be exhausted during migration. Problems with mailbox data may be experienced during the migration. For these reasons, Microsoft recommends backing up all data prior to performing the migration.

Neverfail recommends that general Microsoft guidelines should be followed when performing migration. For further information, please see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles.

Following Neverfail and Microsoft's advice reduces the likelihood of having to resort to a time consuming restore in the event of a migration failure. By stopping replication between servers, pre-migrated data is preserved on the Secondary server, providing a recovery server in the event of migration failure.

Please contact Neverfail Support if you require assistance with the recovery in these circumstances.


  1. Start the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client and check that the system is in-sync.
  2. Perform a switchover from Primary to Secondary and check the stores mount.
  3. Wait 15 minutes.
  4. Perform a switchback from Secondary to Primary.
  5. Shutdown Neverfail Heartbeat – leave the application running.
  6. Perform mailbox moves / data migration.
  7. Stop Exchange services and perform an off-line defrag of the mailbox stores if required.
  8. Start Neverfail Heartbeat on the Primary server.
  9. Start Heartbeat on Secondary server.
  10. Start the Management Client and check that the Full System Check completes.

    Notes: Steps 2-4 are required if you want to test the Exchange environment on the Secondary server prior to the migration.

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Neverfail for Exchange

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