Neverfail Monitor Fails to Connect to WMI, Resulting in All Service Check Actions Failing



This Knowledgebase article provides information about Neverfail Monitor failing to connect to WMI resulting in all Service Check Actions failing.

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The Windows Application Event log may contain errors 'Unable to connect to WMI'. These errors will be repeated in the Application Log at the service check frequency (default = 5 mins).

If additional errors relate to the protected services then read the 'Services' section below. If the secondary message relates to attribute checks failing then read the 'Attributes' section.



Go to the Windows Service Control Manager and check all services mentioned are in the Started state. If they are, proceed to the section 'Resolution'; otherwise, consult the Application logs for reasons the services cannot be started.


  1. Restart Windows Management Instrumentation service on the affected server.
  2. When asked if you want to stop the Neverfail Monitor service, and any other dependent services: accept 'Yes'.
  3. Once the WMI service has been restarted, startup the Neverfail Monitor and any other services you stopped in step 2.
  4. Check the event log to ensure that the Monitor service recorded a successful startup,
  5. Example:

    Event: 1
    Source: NeverfailMonitor
    The Application Module Monitor has Started Correctly.

  6. Wait 5 mins to confirm that the errors are no longer being logged. If errors persist, please contact Support.


Example: If various Microsoft Exchange attributes are failing their check it may be because the Microsoft Exchange wmi counters are not correctly loaded.

  1. You can confirm this by starting 'perfmon /wmi' and then attempting to locate the counters for Exchange.
  2. If they are not present, please follow the advice in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article;en-us;820847 .

If the counters are present then try following the advice under the heading 'Services'.

If the attributes mentioned are not Microsoft Exchange-related, attempt to locate them in perfmon /wmi. If they are present, it may be that the triggers are set too low in the Microsoft Exchange Application Monitor. If the attributes cannot be found in perfmon, this suggests that the system counters are not loaded, in which case please consult the Microsoft Support Website.

This specific example refers to WMI issues with Microsoft Exchange and the Neverfail Monitor. It is possible that similar issues may arise with Microsoft SQL server or other protected applications, please refer to the Microsoft Knowledgebase for further information or contact your Neverfail support representative.

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