Problem restoring backup file during installation on Microsoft Windows 2000



This Knowledgebase article provides information about problems restoring the backup file during the installation of Neverfail Heartbeat on Microsoft Windows 2000.

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Note: Please ensure that both Primary and Secondary server have the same Hotfixes applied prior to installation of Neverfail Heartbeat.


  • Restore appears to complete on the Secondary server but does not prompt the user to restart the system.
  • The NTBackup window disappears with no information or prompts for further action.
  • The server is restarted manually by the user following the system restore and it does not appear identical to the Primary server after logging in.


NTBackup should prompt for a restart of the Secondary server following restore. It may be necessary to carry out one or all of the following in this order to receive a restart prompt.

  1. Restore the System State a second time on the Secondary Server.
  2. Restore the Windows system folder and the System State a second time on the Secondary Server.

If you continue to experience problems after following the above procedure(s), please contact Neverfail Support.

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