How to Correctly Install an AMX During Neverfail Heartbeat Installation if an Incorrect License was Specified



This Knowledgebase article provides information about how to install an AMX correctly during the Neverfail Heartbeat installation process if an incorrect license was specified.

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During the installation of Neverfail Heartbeat, if a user enters an incorrect license key that does not allow the selected AMX to install, the license check will fail. The user will not be given the opportunity to correct the license key, and the install will continue onto the next step.

To resolve the error, perform the following actions immediately when the error occurs:

  1. Launch the Configure Server wizard, via the Neverfail task bar icon.
  2. Proceed to the 'License' tab and correct the license key so that licensing is granted for the desired product.
  3. Click Finish to save the changes. This will close the Configure Server wizard.
  4. Locate the AMX install script via Windows Explorer.
  5. Double-click the AMX install script to launch it.
  6. Once the AMX install is complete, proceed with the next step in the Guide for Standard Install.

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