Mandatory configuration information: Neverfail V4.1 and Windows 2003 (/3Gb)


The /3Gb Switch is supported on Neverfail Heartbeat Versions 4.3.3 onwards with Windows 2003 SP1. Please see Knowledgebase article 112 for details.

Neverfail advises that the following configuration is mandatory in every case where Neverfail version 4.1 is installed on Windows 2003.

- The /3GB switch in the Windows BOOT.INI file must NOT be used (This also applies to earlier versions of Neverfail Heartbeat).

- The Neverfail registry value "HKLM\Software\Neverfail\R2\HookRegistryDriver\UseNewApi" must be created as DWORD and set to zero. The attached file may be used to set this value. The servers MUST be re-booted in order for this to take effect. If this value is set during installation, no additional re-boot is required. Note: Do not apply this fix prior to installation of Heartbeat otherwise the installation may fail. Neverfail recommend implementation of this workaround between step 3J and 3K of the Guide to Standard Install (LAN).

To check that this configuration setting has been applied, the following message will NOT appear in the system log: "The registry callback has been registered."

If this configuration advice is not followed, the server may fail to become active.

For additional information please contact Neverfail Support.


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