Backup Phase of Heartbeat Installation Fails or was Aborted.



This Knowledgebase article provides information about what to do when the backup phase of a Neverfail installation fails or was aborted.


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In some situations, you may wish to continue a Neverfail Heartbeat installation when the ntbackup phase fails or was aborted on the Primary server. Please follow the steps below to continue the installation without starting from the beginning.

    1. Edit the following file: “c:\nfinstalltemp\install.txt”. Change the line “backedup=true” to “backedup=false”.
    2. Stop NFConfig if you have not already. Check that the nfconfig.exe process is not present in the task manager.
    3. Check the Windows Application and System logs for any warnings or errors relating to ntbackup. Investigate the source of the error and keep a note of any messages relating to ntbackup. Contact Support if necessary for advice.
    4. Check to ensure all protected services are stopped via the Service Control Manager. Run Neverfail\scripts\\stop.bat if they are in the started state.
    5. Check the Network properties of the network cards to identify whether the Neverfail Packet Filter has been installed. Run the following command to uninstall the Neverfail Heartbeat packet filter if it exists:

\neverfail\r2\bin nfpktfltr uninstall.

  1. Re-run nfconfig.exe, it should proceed directly to the backup phase.


Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat prior to V4.4


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