Handling of Unsupported Applications During an Installation.



This Knowledgebase article provides information about the handling of unsupported applications during a Neverfail installation.

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During installation, Neverfail replicates all Program Files applications, with the aim of leaving the Secondary server in a fully working state.

Please see Knowledgebase article #4 - 'Products and Versions' for a list of supported applications.

However, the following apply:

  1. Any unsupported applications should either be disabled, or uninstalled on the Secondary prior to starting Neverfail Heartbeat.
  2. The unsupported applications will not be available when the system switches over to the Secondary or after a failover.
  3. The unsupported applications should not be deselected from the backup, as some components of these applications will still find their way to the Secondary server (namely services and registry keys) and these cannot be deselected.

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