Transient Microsoft Exchange Queues Obfuscate the Performance Counter Titles



This Knowledgebase article provides information about how transient Microsoft Exchange queue names change over a period of time.

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When running SCOPE on a live Microsoft Exchange Server in the real world, the last n columns are SMTP Queues - the number and name of these queues are transient and change during the 24-hour collection period.

The titles for these n columns are simply a snapshot of the queues, which were present at the time SCOPE was started.

Some SMTP queues will persist over several (or all) the performance snapshots, but their values may move horizontally across columns (See example below).

When analyzing SCOPE professional performance data, the above should be kept in mind; future versions of SCOPE may embed the queue name into the data instead of the column header.

44563 1274 99 1
44564 1274 99 0
45563 1274 99 0
45663 1274 99 0
45673 1274 99 0
123872 45673 1274 99 0

Note: The columns are shifted left by the appearance of a new queue.

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