Applications Installed Outside of the C:\Program Files Location that are Protected by AMXs



This Knowledgebase article provides information about applications installed outside of the C:\Program Files location that are protected by AMXs.

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If applications are installed to locations outside the C:\Program Files directory, care should be taken during the install to ensure that the alternative locations of these program files are included in the backup file used to build the Secondary server. Failure to do so will result in applications or services failing to start after a Switchover to the Secondary server, because of missing files.

While this may not be critical if the application is not required for the delivery of core services, it is of importance when the Application in question is to be protected by an AMX.

When instructed to, ensure that ALL program file directories outside C:\Program Files are included in the backup.

Please refer to Knowledgebase article #239 - ' Backup Phase of Heartbeat Installation Fails or was Aborted' if you need to recreate the backup file with the included directories. Alternatively, run NTBackup manually and back up the missing directories. Do NOT include the System State when you perform this operation.

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