In the attributes section of the application module, what should I set the values of each counter to?



This Knowledgebase article provides information about what values to set for each counter in the Application Module.

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The attributes section within each application module, allows actions to be triggered once the criteria defined by a rule has been met.

The rules are based on either the system or the application performance objects of the individual system. With each system being unique, the rules should be defined to reflect the individual characteristics of the server on which Neverfail resides.

The characteristics of the performance object's counters may be obtained by running Neverfail SCOPE professional, SCOPE Enterprise Data Collector, or SCOPE Data Collector service on the primary server, post implementation of Neverfail solutions, and submitting the results to Neverfail via the Neverfail Extranet for analysis.

SCOPE information should then be used to ascertain the normal operational characteristics of the server, which can then be used in determining the trigger level rules for the application module.

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