Compatibility issue with Dell OpenManage software and InstallAnywhere software used to install Neverfail Heartbeat


We are aware of an issue documented on the Zero G website that may prevent Neverfail Heartbeat from installing on servers using Dell OpenManage software. This does happen with all versions of the Dell OpenManage software, however version numbers are not specified.


Neverfail Heartbeat installation freezes at any point during the installation, or does not progess after considerable time from "InstallAnywhere is preparing to install.... Extracting..."


On the Primary server:

1. Stop all Dell OpenManage services.
2. Open the Windows Task Manager. Under the Processes tab, locate NFConfig.exe and, if present, use right-click > End Process to kill the process. You may have to restart the server in order to continue.
3. Delete C:\NFInstallTemp
4. Restart Neverfail Heartbeat installation.
5. When Neverfail Heartbeat installation is complete on the Primary server, start the Dell OpenManage services again

This process is not necessary on the Secondary server, since the InstallAnywhere package is never executed on that machine.


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