New features and improvements in Neverfail Heartbeat Version 4.2


This list describes the new features and improvements in Neverfail Heartbeat V4.2

New Features

Low Bandwidth Option - Channel Compression

The following issues have been resolved

Note: these fixes are included with Neverfail Heartbeat V4.2, and are also available as SP1 for Neverfail Heartbeat V4.1. See the appropriate product area on the Neverfail Extranet.

1. During installation certain files are selected for backup on the Primary server and restored on the Secondary server.

- The user can select to have the protected files included in the backup on a WAN installation.
Under certain circumstances some protected files would be missed from the backup list. These files would eventually be copied to the Secondary server by the Neverfail Heartbeat synchronisation mechanism, resulting in a much longer time to synchronise the servers.

- Under certain circumstances, on a LAN or WAN installation, program files that should be included in the backup were being excluded. After the installation these files would be missing from the Secondary server and could result in application failure after a Switchover.

2. Under certain circumstances the Full System Check could block.

3. Under certain circumstances some SQL Server data that should be protected would not be protected by default, requiring manual setup.

4. Under certain circumstances some files and Registry keys that should be removed during uninstall would be left on the system.

5. Under certain circumstances when the channel connection was lost, Neverfail Heartbeat would not stop properly.


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