Does Neverfail Heartbeat support RPC over HTTP?


Neverfail Heartbeat supports RPC over HTTP between Front and Back End Servers. Please refer to KB 310 for information on installing Neverfail Heartbeat on Back End Servers. If the server where Neverfail Heartbeat will be installed is already configured to use RPC over HTTP then the Secondary server will obtain this configuration during the installation process. Please see the note on Testing.

Configuring RPC over HTTP
When configuring RPC over HTTP Microsoft requires the ports used by System Attendant and Information Store be changed in the Windows Registry. These keys are automatically protected in the Registry by Neverfail Heartbeat. This means that the passive server is automatically configured to use the same ports as the active server. A server pair with Neverfail Heartbeat installed can be converted to perform a Back End role simply by following the Microsoft Guidelines for configuring RPC over HTTP.

Neverfail recommends that any configuration changes made on the Primary are tested with the Secondary server as the active server. After installing Neverfail for Exchange, send some test emails to ensure that the Front End Server can communicate via RPC over HTTP with the Primary server, and then Switchover. Once the Switchover has completed, send some test emails to ensure that the Front End Server can also communicate via RPC over HTTP with the Secondary server.

Contact Neverfail Support if you experience any problems.


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