General guidelines for upgrading Neverfail Heartbeat to V4.3.3


Please refer to the following Knowledgebase articles
- #234 download the accompanying zip file before proceeding with the upgrade.
- #330 Uninstall procedures for Neverfail Heartbeat.

An upgrade patch is available for upgrading Neverfail Heartbeat versions 4.1 SP1 and above to 4.3.3. Please refer to the following KB article for details.

-#348 How to upgrade Neverfail Heartbeat version 4.1 to version 4.3.3

These documents are intended for use when upgrading Neverfail installed servers. The documents should be used to upgrade Neverfail For Exchange and Neverfail for SQL Server, only after the above documents have been obtained.

The attached zip contains the Upgrade Guide for LAN, WAN and accompanying batch files used in the upgrade process.

Other references:
Please also refer to Knowledgebase article 318 - "The Neverfail Heartbeat Remote Client must be of the same software version as the server pair you are remotely administering"

This Knowledgebase article replaces the previously published #302.


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