Symantec Mail Security for Exchange 4.6 Specific Advice


Neverfail recommends the following when implementing Neverfail with Symantec Mail Security for Exchange 4.6.

1. Advice in KnowledgeBase article 104 (Neverfail Heartbeat and Anti-Virus – General Advice) has been followed.

2. Advice in KnowledgeBase article 209 (Symantec Anti-Virus Specific Advice) has been followed.

Unlike file-level anti-virus products, the core service for this product (SMSMSE) is stopped and started together with the primary application i.e. Exchange (NB if left running this service will try and start the Exchange Information Store and cause server lock-ups). This renders the automatic update service for virus definition file downloads non-functional (as it depends on the SMSMSE service). While an active server will download and install these updates as normal, the passive will not.

Although the update will take place after a server changes roles from passive to active, because the time that this takes place is configurable by the user, it would be advisable to force a manual update using the update service to guarantee that the definitions were up to date.


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