Installation and Operational notes for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 3.6 AM(X)



This AM(X) can be used in conjunction with SQL Server 2000 database. Please contact support if BlackBerry Enterprise Server is configured with the MSDE version.

This AM(X) requires a newer version of the NFAppSetup.exe than the one distributed in the Neverfail 4.3.3 distribution. You will need the version provided in the BlackBerry Server AM(X) zip file. Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding with the install.

During the Neverfail Heartbeat install process you will be prompted to enter a license and location of the AMX to be installed. Before you provide the details of the AMX license and script location perform these steps:

1. Copy the NFAppSetup.exe provided in this AMX kit into

2. Provide any additional license details in the installer window.

3. Select the location containing the BlackBerry AM(X) script.

4. Press the Install button on the installer window.

5. Press OK on each of the AMX pop windows to confirm the configuration steps have completed.

AM(X) Script Run Time Error

Run Time Error '91'
Object variable or With block variable not set

This error can occur during the AM(X) install if the incorrect NFAppSetup.exe is being used by the installer. To resolve this problem continue through the AMX install clicking OK to dismiss the errors. Once the AMX install confirms that the 'AMX has installed successfully' press OK to dismiss the pop up window and then follow these instructions:

1. Copy the NFAppSetup.exe from the AM(X) distribution kit into

2. Locate the BlackBerry AM(X) script via windows Explorer.

3. Double click the AM(X) script to execute it.

4. Press OK on each of the AM(X) pop-up windows to confirm the configuration steps have completed.

Application Monitoring Configuration
The start up of the service 'BlackBerry Server $InstanceName$' is dependent upon the Exchange Server hosting the Administrator mailbox being visible on the network. If the Exchange server is down for maintenance, or cannot be reached, or the mail store is not mounted, the services will fail start up. If the BlackBerry service is running when the store becomes unavailable it
will continue to run.

The Neverfail Application Module Monitor service is by default configured to 'Switchover' on the third service failure. If you stop the protected application or switch whilst the Exchange store or services are not running 'BlackBerry Server $InstanceName$' will fail to start. The Neverfail
Application Module Monitor may then trigger a Switchover.

Administrators may want to consider changing the default configuration:

1. Launch the Configure SQL Server 2000 Monitoring wizard
- Start / All Programs / Neverfail / Configure SQL Server 2000 Monitoring

2. Select the BlackBerry Server $InstanceName$ and change the third failure action to one of the following actions

- Restart
- No action
- Raise event
- Run


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