Steps required to create a new POP3 domain when Neverfail for IIS Server AM(X) is installed.


These steps are only necessary if you intend to create a new POP3 domain after Neverfail for IIS Server has been installed. Neverfail recommends that you create the new domains prior to installing Neverfail Heartbeat.

If you need to add a new POP3 domain post Neverfail Heartbeat install then you will need to perform the following steps because the service will have been set back to automatic when the new domain is created.

1. Read Knowledgebase Article 364 - Neverfail for IIS AM(X) and the limitations of administrating local users.
2. Create the new POP3 domain using the POP3 Manager Console.
3. Open the Service Control Manager Console and set the POP3 Service to manual.
4. If after creating the domain you need to add new users follow the advice in Knowledgebase Article 364.


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