How to change the location of IIS 6.0 log files when Neverfail for IIS Server AM(X) is installed.


Note: The advice in this article applies to Neverfail for IIS AM(X) versions prior to 4.5. For versions 4.6 onwards of the Neverfail for IIS AM(X) this is not required.

The http service is not controlled by the IIS AM(X) because it is a kernel level service. The HTTP service has a handle open on the httperr.log file. To be able to move the IIS logs on Windows 2003 servers running IIS 6.0 the following procedure needs to be followed:

1. Login to the Passive server.
2. Issue the following command: net stop http
3. On the Active server, relocate the logs to the desired location via the IIS Management Console.
4. In Management Client, check that system is synchronized.
5. On the Passive server, restart the http service: net start http

Failure to perform the above action will result in the Neverfail Heartbeat failing to access the file because it is in use. Problems may also be experienced synchronizing the file.


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