Procedure for uninstalling AM(X)s from a Neverfail Heartbeat installation up to and including V4.4


If an application that is protected by an AM(X) is no longer required, you will need to remove the protection provided by Neverfail. Please note that with all versions of Neverfail Heartbeat up to and including 4.4 this will be a manual process. An automated uninstall will not be available until post Version 4.4.

Uninstall Steps

1. Open the Management Client
2. Select the Data / Configuration tab.
3. Locate the filters relevant to the AM(X) you no longer want protected, E.g.

- C:\Program Files\Trend\**
- C:\Program Files\Groupshield\**

Note: If you are in any doubt, please mail the list of filters to your Neverfail support representative and state the name of the AM(X) you are uninstalling.

4. Select each filter in turn and press the delete icon to remove the filter.
5. Click Apply
6. Start the GUI for the Application Module for the protected application e.g. Exchange, SQL Server, File Server.
7. For each protected AMX service that you no longer wish to monitor set the restart actions to “No Action”.
8. Apply the changes
9. Quit the Application Module GUI
10. Locate the start and stop scripts for the Application E.g.

- C:\neverfail\r2\scripts\%application%\start.bat
- C:\neverfail\r2\scripts\%application%\stop.bat

11. Edit each script using notepad and place REM at the start of each line that contains the AM(X) service you no longer wish to start or stop.

Repeat Step 11 on the secondary server.


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