Replacing an AMX with a new or updated version.



This article details how to update or install a new AMX on Neverfail Heartbeat versions up to and including Version 4.3.5. This procedure is not compatible with Heartbeat V4.4.

More Information

You will need the following to begin:
The new AMX for the new protected application.
The updated and regenerated License key which includes the new AMX.

Procedure to replace existing AMX
Assumes that the Primary is the Active server and that the Secondary is Passive.

1. In the Management Client locate the Data configuration tab.
2. Select and then delete the File Filters relating to the old AMX protected application.
3. Press Apply when this has been done.
4. Stop Neverfail Heartbeat leaving the protected application running.
5. Un-install AMX protected Application from both Primary and Secondary servers.
6. On the Primary server edit the Start.bat and Stop.bat files and remove any commands relating to previously protected Application.
7. Repeat on the Secondary server.
8. Install the new AMX protected application on both servers ensuring that the applications are installed in identical locations.
9. If the server requires a reboot, please set the Neverfail Heartbeat service to manual first in the Service Control Manager.
10. Ensure that the application services are running on the Primary server.
11. If the new AMX requires a different license key, start the Neverail Configure Server wizard and replace the existing license key with the new one on the Primary server.
12. Run the new AMX script on the Primary server.
c$> cscript amx-script.vbs
13. Press OK when prompted until you receive a completion message.
14. Check the start.bat and stop.bat scripts on the Primary contain the protected applications services. Copy these scripts to the Secondary server.
15. Ensure that the services for the new protected application were set to manual startup mode and are currently running, on the Primary server.
16. Set the new applications services to manual and stopped on the Secondary server.
17. Start Neverfail Heartbeat on the Secondary followed by the Primary.
18. Open the Neverfail Heartbeat management console.
19. Check the system synchronises.
20. Perform a switchover test at your convenience.


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