"Applying Computer Settings" displayed for a long period during startup of Microsoft Windows Server.


"Applying Computer Settings" displayed for a long period of time during Microsoft Windows startup.


When "Applying Computer Settings" is displayed on screen during startup and for a long period of time, this can indicate several different problems.

- Services may be experiencing problems starting.
- Refer to the Windows Application and System logs for errors or warnings that may have been logged during startup.
- Is there network connectivity?
- Do any of the services require Active Directory to be visible?
- Is DNS resolving the forward and reverse name of the server correctly?
- Does the AD server respond to requests from other servers?
- Consult the Microsoft Knowledgebase for further information on the various error messages logged.

Neverfail Hearbeat Issues

1) Passive Servers

Neverfail Heartbeat server pairs may experience some of the above symptoms on passive servers if a protected service is set to automatic instead of manual. The service may time out attemtping to start because it is unable to communicate with dependant services or servers.

2) Does the service in question require a Neverfail AM(X) that has not been installed. Please check either
- Supported Applications Knowlegebase Article.
- The appropriate product section on the extranet.
- Contact support with the name of the service or application.

These problems may adversly affect switchover or failover.

In order to resolve this problem either:

1. Purchase the correct AM(X) for the 3rd party application.
2. Consult the Channel Partner or Neverfail Support Engineer to see if they can include the service in the start /stop scripts.
3. If the 3rd Party Application is not a critical application consider uninstalling it.

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