Configuring Neverfail Heartbeat to delay an automatic failover. (Manual Failover)



This article describes how Neverfail Heartbeat should be configured to delay an automatic failover.

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Neverfail Heartbeat has been designed as a high availability solution and provides for a fully automated method of failover. However, Neverfail Heartbeat can also be configured to delay this automatic failover should it be required.

To do this we need to manually configure some of Heartbeats default settings. It is possible to revert back to the previous settings as and when required. There are several steps to this process (described below).

Increase the number of Heartbeats missed and their Time Interval

1. Open Neverfail Heartbeat Heartbeat Management Console on the Active server by right clicking the taskbar icon and selecting "Manage Server" or from Start> Program Files> Neverfail.

2. Select the server pair you wish to administer and click "Open".

3. Select the Communication page.

4. Go to the Configuration tab.

5. Set the number of Heartbeats missed to a high number e.g. 99999. You can also increase the time interval between Heartbeats to a similarly high number from this page.

6. Again on this same tab you have "Failover if Active Server’s Public Network Connection is lost". This should be unchecked.

7. Shutdown Neverfail Heartbeat from the main screen on the Active server and leave the protected application running. Heartbeat should also exit on the Passive server at this point.

8. Open the "Configure Server Wizard" by right clicking the taskbar icon once more.

9. Select the Network Monitoring tab. Make sure that the “Disable Public Network Monitoring” is selected. This step should be carried out on both servers.

10. Restart Neverfail Heartbeat on both servers by right clicking the taskbar icon and selecting the start option.


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