Unprotected Feature Events for Sparse Files Generated on Neverfail Heartbeat for SharePoint Servers



This Knowledgebase article describes an expected behavior when running Neverfail for SharePoint.

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During a Neverfail Heartbeat Full system check, warnings for "Unprotected feature events for sparse files" may be generated. The files in question are part of the Indexing catalog files, this can be confirmed by checking the path specified in the warning event.

These warnings are raised simply to inform the administrator that the files have been replicated to the passive server in a non-sparse format. The file size on the passive disk may appear larger than the file size reported on the active server. This inconsistency arises because Neverfail Heartbeat does not currently support sparse files. The content of the file is correct; it simply occupies more disk space.

If desired, Administrators can remove the protection of the Index Catalog. Please be advised that while this will maintain the use of sparse files by the Indexing service, it will impact the following:

  • After a switchover / failover, the index catalog will need to be re-indexed.
  • Re-indexing times will vary based upon the content and size of SharePoint data.
  • This can also be a fairly intensive process, which will depend upon how much data has changed since indexing last ran on that server.

How to Remove Protection from the Index Catalog

To remove protection from the Index Catalog, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client.
  2. Click on the Log button, select the 'Event Log' tab, and locate the warning message.
  3. Identify the path containing the index files from the warning text.
  4. Click on the Data button and select the 'Configuration' tab.
  5. Locate the filter for the Index catalog. This is installation specific, so you will need to use the path identified in Step 3 to identify the appropriate filter.
  6. Select the row containing the filter and press Delete .
  7. Press Apply to update to the filter list.

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Neverfail for SharePoint

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