Adding a license for the Data Rollback Module after installing Neverfail Heartbeat.



This article describes how to enable the Neverfail Heartbeat Data Rollback Module on an existing Neverfail Heartbeat server pair, by adding a new license key which supports DRM.

The procedure described below assumes the following polarity for your Neverfail server pair:

Primary server = active
Secondary server = passive

You should only attempt to enable the Data Rollback Module on Neverfail Heartbeat version 4.5 or above. In earlier versions of Neverfail Heartbeat, this module is not present.

Please ensure the new license key is entered on both the Primary and Secondary servers before starting Neverfail Heartbeat with the Data Rollback Module enabled.

More Information

If you obtain a license for the Neverfail Heartbeat Data Rollback Module after you have already
installed Neverfail Heartbeat, please follow these steps:

1. Shutdown Neverfail Heartbeat, selecting the option "Exit Neverfail Heartbeat but leave protected applications running". Neverfail Heartbeat will exit on the active and passive servers.

On the Primary-active server:

2. Right-click on the Neverfail System Tray icon, and select 'Configure Server Wizard'.

3. Select the 'License' tab from the Server Configuration screen.

4. Add another license, as follows:

- Click the 'Add a new row' icon. This will add a new row below the current license.

- Double-click within the new row and type or copy the license key into this row. Press return when finished to enter the license. There should now be a green tick next to this license number under the "Valid" column. If you see a red cross here, try re-entering the license as before. If you continue to experience problems please call Neverfail Support.

5. Once the license has been validated (as above) Click 'Finish'.

On the Secondary-passive Server, repeat steps 2 to 5 (as above).

Once the new Data Rollback Module license has been added Neverfail Heartbeat can be started. On both servers:

6. Right-click on the Neverfail System Tray icon, and select 'Start Neverfail Heartbeat'.


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