How to configure the nfchannel so that it will automatically configure the secondary port


Note: From Version 4.6.1 of Neverfail Heartbeat it is possible to run with no Secondary IP Address without editing the registry (below).

This article is INTERNAL only.

For Neverfail Heartbeat V4.6.1 onwards. On each server independently, open Configure Server Wizard, go to Channel tab and delete the Secondary’s IP address. Restart Heartbeat and allow servers to replicate and get in synch.

For Older versions:

Open regedit

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Prefs\neverfail\current\/Comms/Mgr

First recommendation would be to export these values. With these safely exported there is a rollback procedure available should anything go wrong.

Double click on Hosts

If you only have one nfchannel then the value data will look something like:,

where is the primary address and is the secondary address.

If you have a pair (or more) nfchannels then the value data will look like:


where and are primary addresses and and are the corresponding secondary addresses.

The secondary addresses are usually optional - if you have chosen nfchannel addresses on a dedicated subnet then you don't really need to tell the CommsMgr what secondary addresses to use. You only need them when the addresses used could be accessed over more than one NIC, that is when the routing table cannot uniquely determine which NIC to use.

To remove the secondary addresses just take them out with regedit. So you would modify the single nfchannel to be:

and the pair you would set to


Note: Bug 3216 - if you ever use the NF Config Wizard for anything (after the above procedure) it will NOT ALLOW there to be no secondary address(es) for the nfchannel with the error message "Secondary Server IP address cannot be empty". So you'll have to put in TEMP addresses and then use regedit (As above) to remove them again.


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