How to disable NICS on an IBM Blade Server


Note: This internal article should be used for Neverfail engineer information only. Please consult IBM Blade Server documentation for more up to date information.

The following steps may be required to prevent an IP conflict during install of Neverfail Heartbeat.

To disable a NIC follow this steps:

1. Open the Web-based management module for the IBM Blade Center.
2. Open the Configuration menu
3. Open Port Setting menu
4. Select Configure Ports
5. Select the Blade Server that you want to disable the NIC for.
6. Select Disable in the State field.
7. Click Apply to make your changes effective.

Note: That there are two switches in each IBM Blade Center, one attached to each of the two NICs on each IBM Blade server. Each switch can only be configured on its own so once you've disabled the port on one you have to connect to the second switch and do the same.


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