The Trend Micro Scan Mail SMEX Web site is unavailable after a switch


Versions: Neverfail Heartbeat 4.4 to 4.5 running the Trend Micro Scan Mail 7.0 AMX

AMX for Trend Micro Scan Mail 7.0 does not protect the IIS web site configuration. Changes made on the active server in the IIS Manager Snap-in that affect the SMEX Web site will not be replicated to the passive server.

Neverfail recommends making all configuration changes prior to installation of Neverfail Heartbeat as advised in the ReadMe.txt distributed with the AM(X).

If changes are required post Neverfail Heartbeat installation then Administrators will be required to either

1) Perform a switch over and duplicate the configuration change and then switch back. This approach is best suited to out of hours maintenance tasks when users are unlikely to be affected.
2) Open the IIS Admin Console on the Passive server and make the changes at the same time. This approach should be exercised with some caution.
a. Do not start the Scan Mail Administration console on the Passive server.
b. The IISAdmin or W3Svc services must be stopped manually on the Passive server after completing this task.

If approach 2) is taken and there is a filter protecting files under the \InetPub\NNTP directory then some files may go out of sync temporarily. They will simply complete synchronization when the IISAdmin service is stopped (step 2b). Alternatively, remove the filter protecting the NNTP directory if the service is not used within the organization.

This problem will be addressed with the release of v4.6 Neverfail Heartbeat when multiple application modules can be supported on the same server. Installing the IIS Server AM would result in the web site configuration being protected.


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