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Neverfail Heartbeat V5.2.0 has been tested with Windows 2003 R2 components. This Knowledgebase article describes those components that are supported by Neverfail Heartbeat and those that are not.

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This is defined as "the presence or operation of these service does not impact or conflict with the operation of Heartbeat." Neverfail Heartbeat does not however protect the configuration or operation of these services.

  • ACS Forwarder
  • Hardware Management
  • MMC 2.1 Framework
  • Common Log File System CLFS
  • File Server Manager MMC Snap-in
  • Print Manager Snap-in
  • Sub Systems for Unix Applications
  • Distributed File System
  • Storage Resource Manager

Requires an AM(X)

Neverfail recommends that the following services be deployed with an AM(X) if they are present on a Neverfail Heartbeat server especially when application data and configuration information should be available after a switchover or failover. The following list describes the Application Modules and Application Module eXtensions required to protect the various components.

Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 (SP2) is only supported on 32-bit and requires:
  • Neverfail for IIS Server (available)
  • NEverfail for SharePoint AM(X) (available)

Active Directory Federations Services

  • Requires Neverfail for IIS Server (available)
  • AM(X) for Active Directory Federation Services (currently unavailable)

Microsoft Services for Network File Systems

  • Requires Neverfail for File Server (available)
  • AM(X) for Microsoft Services for Network File Systems (unavailable)

Storage Resource Manager

  • Requires Neverfail for File Server (available)
  • AM(X) for Storage Resource Manager (unavailable)

Active Directory Application Module

  • AM(X) for Active Directory Application Module (unavailable)
  • Is protected as part of Neverfail for Exchange 2007 deployments

Please contact your Neverfail Channel Partner or Representative if you require an AM(X) for a component that is currently unavailable.


Components defined as incompatible should under no circumstances be installed on a Neverfail Heartbeat server pair.

  • Identity Management for UNIX

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