How to re-run the backup stage of Neverfail Heartbeat versions 4.6.1 and onwards



This article describes how to restart the backup stage of the Neverfail Heartbeat installation.

More Information

It is now possible to cancel the NTBackup stage during installation. If backup is cancelled or it fails for some reason it is possible to re-run the automatic back up process by clicking the "Proceed" button again.

When the backup completes, (successfully, unsuccessfully or even if it has been cancelled) the installer will be shown the most recent NTBackup log and asked to review it. This log will be presented in the "Report" section of the wizard page.

Care should be taken at this point not to click 'Next' and procede with the install until they have verfied that the NTBackup report shows data was successfully backed up. By clicking 'Next', the installer confirms that the backup has been 100% successful and does not wish to re-run the backup phase again. The installation can now continue as before.

NTBackup Catalogues
If a previous backup session failed or the installer decides to re-run the backup phase, NTBackup will by default, append the next backup set to the same backup file. The installer should either change the configuration so that 'Overwrites the media' is selected or the existing catalog file should be deleted.


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