Neverfail recommend consolidating large amounts of file filters that are automatically created by Neverfail Heartbeat (Versions prior to 4.6.1)



This article details a known issue in versions of Neverfail Heartbeat prior to 4.6.1

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Neverfail Heartbeat for File Server will, by design, detect and create File Filters for the replication set. It does this by detecting the number of shares on the server to be protected and automatically adding a File Filter for each share.

It is recommended if the number of shares on a server exceeds 200 this should be reduced by adding File Filters for top level directories.


If there are 300+ shares located in the directory "D:\Users" Neverfail Heartbeat will automatically detect these and add a File Filter for each like the following example.


By doing this 300+ File Filters will be created for replication.


Neverfail recommends disabling the auto detection of shares in this situation and adding a top level filter like the following.


By using this wildcard option all folders below "D:\Users" are replicated without the need for 300+ File Filters.

To disable automatic share discovery the entry for the monitor script must also be removed from the Neverfail Heartbeat configuration.

Note: This process will disable all future automatic discovery of new shares. New File Filters must be added manually to protect this information as and when required.

Procedure for Disabling Automatic Filter Discovery

1. Open the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client on the Active Server.
2. Click on the "Application" tab and then the "Start/Stop" tab.
3. Expand the "Neverfail Server" tree.
4. Select "Fileserver" and press the "Stop" button at the bottom of the screen.
5. This will allow modification of the "Start", "Stop" and "Monitor" scripts.
6. Select the "Monitor" script and delete the path from the text box at the bottom of the screen.
7. Click "Apply".
8. Click "Data/Configuration" tab; manually delete all shares that will be consolidated.
9. Manually add the top level filter for all the above shares.
10.Click "Apply".
11.From "System/Status & Control" tab, shutdown Neverfail Heartbeat leaving protected applications running.
12.Start Neverfail Heartbeat on both servers.
13.Allow the Full System Check to complete.


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