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This Knowledgebase article provides information about using Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) with Neverfail Heartbeat.

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Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) maintains a catalogue of the updates distributed to servers. Within a Neverfail pair, both machines maintain the same identity one machine being hidden from the network. Where an update to an active server is made via WSUS the changes will NOT be replicated to the Passive server. Additionally when the server roles are reversed the WSUS server will not re-interrogate the newly active server so will maintain that the updates have been applied to the server when they have not.

The result is a disparity between the WSUS catalogue and the Updates applied to one of the machines in the pair. It is not possible to use Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) because both machines share the same identity and one is hidden from the network however, the usually active sever may be updated by WSUS service.

To apply the same updates to the usually passive server it must first be switched to active. The Microsoft guidelines on removing the server's details from the catalogue on the Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server should be followed and updates applied.

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