'Open File - Security Warning: The publisher could not be verified' message appears when Neverfail filter discovery runs.



This Knowledgebase article describes a security warning you may see with regard to the execution of Neverfail Heartbeat filter discovery components. This warning is spurious, and can be disabled for specific files without compromising any aspect of the security of your Windows server.

More information

In certain circumstances, the automated filter discovery process used by some of the available Neverfail Application Modules may trigger a Windows warning dialogue box when it runs. The dialogue box will appear on the active server, and the message will be of the following form:

Open File - Security Warning

The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?

Name: discoverFilter.exe
Publisher: Unknown Publisher
Type: Application
From: \R2\bin

[ Run ] [ Cancel ]

If this dialogue box appears, uncheck 'Always ask before opening this file' and click 'Run'. Windows will allow the .exe file to run this time, and in the future whenever filter discovery is launched. No other files or file types will be affected.

It may be necessary to repeat this action on the other server in the pair in the event of a Switchover.


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