Licensing Multiple AM(X)s With Neverfail Heartbeat V4.6.x



This article describes a known issue when licensing multiple Application Modules AM(s) or Application Module eXtensions AMX(s) on a Neverfail Heartbeat server pair.

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In rare circumstances when licensing multiple AM(X)s on a Neverfail Heartbeat server pair the license check may report as invalid.

If you meet the criteria below you may need to download and extract the 'Setup.exe' in order to install Neverfail Heartbeat. This should be used in place of the "Setup.exe" downloaded with the software kit from the Neverfail Extranet appropriate product area.

  • Installing Multiple AM(X)s (Problem does not apply for single AM(X)s licenses)
  • Installing using Neverfail Heartbeat V4.6.x
  • Receive an error similar to the below

"Error: The XXXX module, requires a valid license key for: Product Id: Y-ZZZZ.
Such a key has not been configured.
The installation will not be allowed to continue.

The pre-install check failed. The installation may not continue."

Note: You should also replace the "Setup.exe" in the "neverfail\R2\bin" directory once Neverfail Heartbeat has been installed with the version attached to this Knowledgebase article. This should be replaced on both servers in the pair.

This licensing issue does not affect all installations of Neverfail Heartbeat when multiple AM(X)s are licensed. If you think you might be affected and require further information or assistance please contact Neverfail Support.

For Neverfail Heartbeat versions prior to V4.6.x please contact Neverfail Support as you may encounter a similar issue.

Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat V4.6.x

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