How Neverfail controls FileMaker databases and services during a switchover process.



This article is intended to describe the way Neverfail controls FileMaker Server databases and services during a switchover.

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By default, on a server pair running Neverfail, all application services protected by an AM(X) need to be set to manual and must be stopped on the Passive Server. In case of FileMaker application, the services will be set to manual but will continue to run on the Passive because the services do not always respond to stop commands. This is a known issue with FileMaker, and it's documented in their Knowledge Base - the article has Answer ID number 5445 and can be found accessing the following link:*&p_li=&p_topview=1


The stop script contains a "close" command, which will close all the databases from client’s access. When the command is issued, connected clients will receive a 30-second warning, that they should close their connection; the 30-second interval is the default warning period.

When the close command is run, the connected users will get the following message "All databases are closing - Command initiated by Neverfail Heartbeat Switch / Stop Command Connection will be forcibly closed after 30s". All connections that have not been closed in the default time will be forcibly closed.

Note: Upon the reboot of the Passive Neverfail server running FileMaker Server, the services will not be started. This is desirable to avoid Apply exceptions. In the case of a switchover, the start script will execute and start any services that are not running on the server that will be Active.


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