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This Knowledgebase article is one of a series of Knowledgebase articles linked to from Knowledgebase article #4 - 'Neverfail Products and Versions'. Each Knowledgebase article in that series of Knowledgebase articles explains the various versions of a particular Application Module (AM)/Plug-in or Application Module eXtension (AM(X)).

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This Knowledgebase article contains information on the versions of this particular AM(X)/Plug-in. There is a sister article ( Knowledgebase article #652 – ‘ Good Mobile Messaging – Application Module – Feature List’ and Knowledgebase article #1489 - 'Good Mobile Messaging - Plug-in - Featue List) listing the features of this AM(X)/Plug-in; consult those articles to understand what the AM(X)/Plug-in does.

The AM(X) code for this application, which is used in licensing, is 1-1032.

Table of AM(X)s/Plug-ins by Version, in reverse chronological order

Version Heartbeat Version(s) Good Mobile Messaging Version(s) Available from Available until Supported until Build string
V201.5.1 V5.3.2 onwards 4.5, 4.8, 4.9, 5.0 2008-05-23 201.5.1
2007-06-18 (32-bit) V5.1.1 4.5, 4.8 & 4.9 2007-06-18 201.1.2
2006-08-04 (32-bit) V4.6.2 or V4.7.1 onwards 4.5 & 4.8 2006-08-04 2007-06-18 2008-04-28 4.7.1
2006-07-12 (32-bit) V4.6.2 or V4.7.1 to V5.0.3 4.5 & 4.8 2006-07-12 2006-09-01 2007-08-31 4.6.5
2006-06-02 (32-bit) V4.6.2 to V4.7.1 4.5 & 4.8 2006-06-02 2006-07-12 2007-07-31 4.6.4

Please note that the above list includes all versions of the AM(X), including internal versions, beta versions and versions for evaluation and experiment by third parties. Only a small proportion of versions are offered to customers. To see what version is currently available, please click on the appropriate tab from the 'Products / Downloads' section of this Extranet.

On 2006-07-21, we renamed this AM(X) Neverfail for Good Mobile Messaging; the previous name had been Neverfail for GoodLink Server.

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