Contents of Neverfail Heartbeat V4.4


Sequence Bugzilla Description
C-1 Interceptor - Fixed problem that caused the STOP operation to hang.
C-2 Bug 3221 Interceptor - Exception in controller if Neverfail is configured NOT to create an NFPAGFIL.SYS
C-3 Bug 3122 Interceptor - Short file name to long file name translation produces incorrect results when file system uses tunnel cache.
C-4 Bug 3174 Interceptor - Deadlock during flush volume during stop
C-5 Interceptor - Bumped driver version number.
C-6 Interceptor - Fixed various issues reported by driver verifier.
C-7 Interceptor - Fixed three problems where counters FilterUsage and FIlterProgress can become negative, leading to potential driver hang.
C-8 Bug 3200 Interceptor - filter driver accesses freed memory, leading to potential hang or crash.
C-9 Bug 3201 Interceptor - filter driver accesses freed memory, leading to potential hang or crash.
C-10 Bug 3124 Interceptor - poor behavior if frequent renames during system check.
C-11 3207 Application Monitor configuration GUI could NOT be closed.
C-12 Controller: Make Neverfail Heartbeat dependent on WMI service
C-13 3164 Tooltray - Tooltray icon now reports its own version, version from registry and JAR version.
C-14 Tooltray - SETUP - included a -r flag for nfstartupapp.exe to allow it to be closed.
C-15 Distinguishes bad checksums from other invalid keys.
C-16 Prints feature no. where feature is unknown.
C-17 Frees more stuff in hardware id code (was possible memory leak)
C-18 Fixed bug where CreateInstanceEnum failed on Win2k boxes by allocating using SysAllocString.
C-19 2935 More changes in support of fixing 2935 - only looks for Ethernet adapters on PCI bus. Failure to validate correct hardware ids. Changed to ensure NetworkConfiguration enumerated for both hwid generation and validation.
C-20 Names of Licensed Features changed to meet current standards.
C-21 Manager - Add capability for ordering setters
C-22 Manager - Make property getter more robust
C-23 3061 Manager - Avoid repeated reconnection by nfclient with  <IOException> commands.
C-24 Newapply - Additional debug tracing - turned off!
C-25 Newfilestatemgr - Additional debug tracing - turned off!
C-26 Newfilestatemgr - Removed the NFIO_LOG preprocessor flag from the release build
C-27 2563 Nfchannel - Cannot stop CommsMgr as it has unsent messages in the sending queue
C-28 3149 Nfchannel - Default HandshakeTimeout is too low.
C-29 3148 Nfchannel - CPU Hog during FSM Sync & Verify Tasks
C-30 3070 Nfchannel - Possible fix for Bug 3070. Handles out of physical disk by stopping.
C-31 Registry Interceptor - Handle resource allocation failure in setFilter.
C-32 Registry Interceptor - Small change to include of iostream and use of std namespace; allows build under more versions of VC++
C-33 919 NetworkManagement - space in path fix
C-34 3155 ApplicationModules – Fileserver - The third default recovery action for the protected services for the FileServer should be restart.
C-35 ApplicationModules – Fileserver - SETUP - Lets filter discovery be run during install.
C-36 ApplicationModules – MSDE  - Added code to support MSDE + Final changes for MSDE
C-37 ApplicationModules – SQL Server - SETUP - Lets filter discovery be run during install.
C-38 B3278 Interceptor – Code to guard against NegativeArraySizeException
C-39 B2772, B3127 GUI – Show “unknown” status for disconnected server rather than stale status info.


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