Contents of Neverfail Heartbeat V4.3.5


Sequence Bugzilla Description
B-51 3153 Files replicated to the wrong location Sometimes file rename operations would result in the file being moved to the wrong location on the passive, causing the system to be out-of-sync.  Subsequent updates to the renamed file would cause it to be synchronized to the proper location, so the bug is not always visible.
B-52 3146 CPU Hog during FSM Sync & Verify Tasks During the full-system-check of a protected folder containing lots of files (>100,000) and lots (>20,000) folders, the system could become unresponsive.  The nfserverr2 service was using close to 100% CPU for extended periods. The compute load during this phase has been reduced, and the priorities of the threads that do the work have been reduced.
B-53 2125 Interceptor rejects filters even when configured not to Some AMXs have to configure the filters to protect files under the %systemroot% folder. These filters were being rejected.  The Heartbeat code has been changed to allow such filters.


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