Contents of Neverfail Heartbeat V4.3.2


Sequence Number Description
A-1 2439 Issues in "How to Monitor Exchange Services" doc
A-2 2451 Failover stopped by Split brain avoidance should sound less like a software error.
A-3 2474 Exceptions when handling remote clients will now cause 3 retries of event dispatching.
Also fixed up nfclient so that
1) You can force event rejection
2) It will reconnect trusted clients as well as login-authentication
A-4 2568 Handshake changing config to default now raises event.
E.g. setting filters to C:\protected because drive has gone.
A-5 2642 Validate ping timeout and interval against each other and throw exception if timeout > interval
A-6 2663 Warn about version of  windows scripting in GroupShield AMX
A-7 2686 Warning dialog for Full Mark State - too easy to switch when OOS.
A-8 2768 FSM - Unsupported Feature: property misbehavior.  Configuration change not saved when it should be.
A-9 2776 FSM - No user error generated for unprotected feature when file is encrypted.
A-10 2783 FSM - problem while calculating work content when large number (> 100,000) sub directories.
A-11 2788 Creating a Dfs root on an NFFFS box leaves you out of sync after a switch. Dir was not being opened with FILE_FLAG_OPEN_REPARSE_POINT.
A-12 2790 Apply might block the synch/verify. Delay attribute setting until after close.
A-13 2809 Comms fails to stop if it loses an ACK.  User has to disconnect channel manually to force a stop
A-14 2810 Bug - Typos in Event log text for some unprotected features.
A-15 2823 GUI - Certain filter strings break tree view in GUI > Data > File Synch and Verify
A-16 2824 Certain filter strings may cause the share tracker to recognize erroneous filter additions / removals
A-17 2854 Added HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet003\Services\{ to the rsm's default exclude list
A-18 2855 Various improvements to FrontPanel tool.
A-19 2858 More efficient calculation of roll up out of synch status in the GUI
A-20 2863 Nfpktfltr tries to read nfprefs at boot.  If fails, leaves
state as passthru. This fix lets the default be configured
as filtering
A-21 2873 IllegalStateException from the Persistent Lister in the FSM
Happens with protected folder containing large numbers of folders.
A-22 2877 AMX partner/module ids limited to 1023
Added new long partner feature tag, and associated encoding/decoding.
Should be transparent to all callers, as used ints anyway.
Range is now [0, 2^25) for partner and feature ids.
old keys with new license code
new keys (without new extended range) decoded by old code
corner cases (values of 1023, 1024)
Limits 0 and 30000000
A-23 2879 NullPointerException if you terminate FileServer.
A-24 2882 Packet filter was using old default for channel port number.
A-25 2885 NFThreadGroup.uncaughtException wasn't catching out of memory exceptions.  Handlers changes to catch Throwables.
A-26 Hooks for CPL-Cascade
A-27 Bug - RFE: add "Start Front Panel" option to "developer options" menu in NFStartupApp
Added menuitem to developer options for launching FrontPanel.
A-28 New perfmon counters in interceptor.
A-29 Some improvements to License stuff:
Made UNICODE compliant, fixed (unreported) bugs in Event section (strings not expanded) and changed "Neverfail Group plc" to "Neverfail Group Ltd"
- Remove annoying messageboxes in debugging mode
- added new API call in support of setup
- Added cascade as feature 17
A-30 Newapply - Small modification will slot into improved out of disk space handling in the nfchannel.
A-31 Fix for avoiding duplicate trusted clients
A-32 Alerts now go into Windows Event Log
Fix event log reporting by doing this first, otherwise timeout kills script while waiting for use to dismiss dialog
A-33 Fix apply dead/lost message restarting.
Use non-continuable exception code where possible instead of duplicating for restart replication event.
A-34 Fix apply dead/lost message restarting.
Use non-continuable exception code where possible instead of duplicating for restart replication event.
A-35 NewApply
Some sense-check code was going off when doing listallfiles from the nfclient. This was causing an illegal state exception. This was invalid (this command should not cause an exception!) I have removed the illegal state exception.
A-36 NewApply
There was a possibility for us to try and remove an entry from the stored list twice when trying to sync a file that did not exist. This cannot now occur. The bug was not serious at all, but it did cause significant log noise which hid what we wanted to see and caused the logs to roll over prematurely.


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