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This Knowledge Base article explains the protection offered by FileMaker Server AM(X). A sister article ( 539 ) lists all the versions of the AM(X) that we have produced to date and the versions of related supported software. In addition, there are links from that sister article to articles that explain the unique features of each version.


FileMaker Server is a software designed database which provides tools for managing, customizing and sharing information on a network or over the web. The AM(X) protects all configuration information, files and registry, as well as the default database location and the user configured location found when the product is installed.


Protected Services

This is a list of all services protected by this AM(X). Please note that where an AM(X) supports multiple vendor versions, some services may not be present in a particular version.

Ø FileMaker Server 8

Ø FileMaker Server 8 Helper

There are two versions of the AM(X) available and the behaviour of each is described below:

Ø 2006-04-27 Version must only be used with FileMaker Server 8 up to and including service pack 3. During a Heartbeat stop or switch operation, the databases will be closed to client access, however the services will continue to run. Please refer to KB 496 for specific information regarding the way Neverfail Heartbeat controls the FileMaker databases and services during a switchover process.

Ø 2006-09-01 Version must only be used with FileMaker Server 8 service pack 4 and above. During a Heartbeat stop or switch over operation, the databases will be closed to client access and the services will be stopped.

The protected services are set to manual so the databases should not be started following a reboot. All the protected services are added to the start script.

Protected Data

This is a description of the protected data set that was determined at AM(X) install time. Please note that exact filters will be based on the configuration of the application at the moment that the AM(X) was installed.

Ø All registry data and configuration information;

Ø The default database path, and the user specified additional database path;

Ø The log files and the backup path.

Automatic Filter Discovery

The AM(X) does not provide a filter discovery component. The AM(X) will need to be reinstalled according to KB 462 if new databases require protection or if the application is reconfigured such that new locations are specified for files that are currently protected.


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