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This Knowledgebase article provides release information about this specific version of Neverfail AMX for Sophos PureMessage for Exchange.

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  • Neverfail AMX for Sophos PureMessage for Exchange 2006-07-26

New Features

  • This version of the AMX makes an enhancement over the previous versions. The AMX now uses the CSIDL API to establish the location of a Windows folder, rather than the use of the environment variable.  (Internal Neverfail Group ID is BZ 4199)

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Installation Information


This product requires the Neverfail for Exchange Application Module to be installed and licensed.

This product requires a valid license key obtained from the Neverfail Extranet authorizing the use of this product (ID 1-1023).

This AM(X) is compatible with Neverfail Heartbeat V4.6 onwards. Please note it cannot be used with previous versions of Heartbeat.

Sophos PureMessage for Exchange uses a MSDE / SQL Server database to manage quarantined items. At PureMessage installation time, the Administrator has the option to install a local MSDE database (default) or use an existing SQL Server database. The SQL Server database can be either local or remote.

The Sophos MailMonitor AM(X) does not protect the quarantine database; this protection is provided by the Neverfail for SQL Server AM. The license for Sophos PureMessage AM(X) includes the SQL Server AM license as well.

When installing Sophos PureMessage AM(X)

Do not select the SQL Server AM during install if you have
- A remote SQL Server database.

Do select the SQL Server AM during install if you have
- A local MSDE or SQL Server database.

Please review the following Knowledgebase article: Knowledgebase article #104 - 'Neverfail Heartbeat and Anti-Virus Tools - General Advice regarding inter-operability with Anti-Virus Scanners'.

Please also search for the term Sophos PureMessage to find the latest up-to-date articles before beginning the install.


Note: This product should be installed during the Neverfail Heartbeat install process.

  1. Run the Neverfail Heartbeat Setup.exe.
  2. Follow the on screen instructions.
  3. When prompted, enter a license key that is valid for the AM(X).
  4. Select the SQL Server AM only if you have a local quarantine database.
    - SQL Server
    - MSDE
  5. Click Next and proceed through the install, when prompted provide the
    location of the extracted SophosPureMessageForExchange.amx script.
  6. Click Next .
  7. If any of the pre-install checks fail, correct the problem and then
    click Back and then Next for the checks to be run.

Applies To

Neverfail AMX for Sophos PureMessage for Exchange 2006-07-26

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