Contents of Neverfail Heartbeat V5.0.1


Component Bugzilla ID Description
AppMgr 3770 NullPointer Exception while switching.
Fix to ensure szNFHome is correctly sized.
Provider 4284 Minimum fix for Null pointer exception in com.neverfail.provider code. (SR3246)
AMSQLServer 3507 Fix for bug 3507 - nfd file created in r2\bin
3787 Fix for bug 3787 - Filter to protect the MSDTC log is incorrect on 2000 OS
4034 Null termination.
4278 Fix for bug 4278 - Sharing violation on dtctrace.log - filter no longer includes the file
4301 NFHB is unable to stop MSDTC (Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator). Time limit exceeded - Fixed as side effect of 4278.
AppMonitor 3656 Changed 'Stop Neverfail Heartbeat' to 'Stop Replication'
Changes to tidy up Unicode vs TCHAR vs MBCS
CommsMgr 3356 Fire periodic events when not connected.
4053 Replication doesn't start and an Exception in Controller occur on default installation on Arabic vers of Windows. Change '-' to '_' in log names.
4144 Cannot properly reconnect a failed active server if LBM is enabled.
4165 Stop/Switch stuck after "Last message in send queue sent" (SR2971)
4239 ExceededMaxDiskUsage on active with LBM lost a message
4294 Stop replicating kills the passive heartbeat
Fix for stuck in stopping problem found in SR2971
Add DF stat to record delay factor value.
ConfigWiz 4163 RFE for ability to select Unsafe Queue location for both Primary and Secondary from the same Configure Server GUI. Addressed by changing the online help text.
4127 Low resources - noncontinuable event handling in Controller. - Put call in the right place.
4267 DLL/Driver might not be installed properly? - EventLog registry settings were truncated.
Native code converted to Unicode.
FSM 4093 Not verifying System OR Hidden files.  Now only skip files that are System AND Hidden. Added option to throttle. Added option to reduce thread priority.
4140 Require enhanced FSM peformance logging
4147 Stuck Stopping in the FSM
4243 If there are no filters setup and full system check is launched then the primary crashes with: [U1]Uncaught exception in thread TaskMgr.TaskThread (ControlException)
GUI 2657 Strange control grouping on GUI > Communication > Configuration
4080 4080: layout tweak - fields not fully visible following GUI font change
Interceptor Removed on over agressive DEBUG_BREAK in NfCreateCacheEntry ...
Changes to reduce requirement for reboot after unclean shutdown.
License 4232 Buffer overrun problem in nflic jni layer.
Manager Removing spurious includes from Example code.
NfPktFltr 4262 nfpktfltr.exe can crash on W2000 if install path is appropriate length.
Registry 4100 HookRegistryDriver needs to be resilient to Java code terminating unexpectedly
Setup 3231 Added some text linking the available options to LAN/WAN scenarios
3825 Setup API: AddFiltersFromFile requires file to be unicode.
3860 Changes for driver install/uninstall
3896 Combo boxes for configuring (specifically primary) IP addresses are no longer editable.
3899 Added detection of running nf processes + reporting of uninstall problem items
3900 Change log parsed earlier to allow "Uninstall Selected Components" option to be enabled/disabled appropriately
4004 Fixed coding error leading to non-completion of error message
4088 Unable to add filter through a Mng Client running remotely.  Some dlls missing from client-only install.
4109 Trailing spaces now disallowed from path components in install directory. Also: so are trailing backslashes (except if the folder is also a drive)
4129 Rewording of warning message
4171 Updated EULA text.
4173 Tweaks to help text about packet filter confirmation dialog.
4179 Failed autoswitchover: MOF file not properly installed - too many quotes in the line in the installation script.
4183 Restart NFStartupApp after changes to system have been made (e.g. after selected install or uninstall).
4265 Ambiguous (and probably redundant) error triggered during Service Pack install on Client Tools
4290 added AddFileFilter call for the System.xml config file
4291 If configuration of DNSupdate fails during installation then services are not written to start.bat and stop.bat
4302 Included check to prevent driver reg key autopopluate when patching client only installs
ToolTrayIcon+others 4132 Adding balloon notifications launched by nfstartupapp, visible on all desktops


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