Contents of AM for Oracle Database 2006-08-17


The following fixes and enhancements are in this version of AM for Oracle Database, but were not in the previous version (2006-03-23).

  • The Application Module now protects Trace files.
  • The module is now called Neverfail for Oracle Database, not Neverfail for Oracle (Neverfail Group internal reference BZ 4195, 3904).
  • We have exploited some of the features of Neverfail Heartbeat V5, in particular installing into Program Files. (Neverfail Group internal reference BZ 4143).
  • The application module does not use hard-coded paths.
  • We have added quotes around the Monitor Script registry entry.
  • We have fixed a problem in which the Neverfail Monitor Service could not be started (Neverfail Group internal reference BZ 4310 & 4347).


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