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This Knowledgebase article describes the concept of cloning the Primary server during the Neverfail software installation process.

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The Neverfail architecture employs an active/passive server group to ensure that users remain connected to the production server irrespective of the disaster encountered by either of the servers. The servers of the Neverfail server group are referenced based upon physical hardware as either Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary, and additionally by functional role as either active or passive.

As part of the Neverfail software installation procedure, Neverfail uses a unique process that clones the Primary server, to include protected applications, name, IP address, and Security ID (SID), to the Secondary, and Tertiary (if installed) servers.  This cloning process allows the Secondary or Tertiary server, when called upon, to provide a network presence identical to the Primary server.


The cloning process consists of the following:

  1. At the appropriate time during the installation of Neverfail Heartbeat on the Primary server, Neverfail makes a backup of the various protected applications, Operating System, and Neverfail product directories using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy services.

    Note: Neverfail does not include any unprotected programs in the cloning process. You should back up any critical files not cloned from the Primary server, and restore them to the Secondary server manually.

    Also, note that the cloning process (by default) does not include protected application data, which may be very large and would greatly increase the size of and time to perform the backup. Instead, Neverfail Heartbeat will synchronize application data after the installation process has completed on both servers.
  2. Neverfail performs a restore of the clone file to the Secondary server.
  3. The Secondary server is rebooted.
  4. The installation engineer must ensure that all hardware is functional.
  5. Neverfail installs additional components that were not part of the clone image.
  6. The installation engineer must make a few final network configuration adjustments.

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