Access to Merlin House (Theale) Telephone System Settings from Outside the Office



This Knowledgebase article provides information about how to access the Merlin House (Theale) telephone system settings from outside the office

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It is possible to change settings on your Merlin House telephone extension from outside the office by visiting this web site:

  1. You will need to logon with the same information that you would use to log into the phone when in the office:
  2. User Identification = firstname.lastname (e.g. joe.bloggs)
    Password = 303xx

  3. Once logged in you have links which allow you to:
    • Add and update speed dials
    • Forward calls to another number
    • Change passwords
    • Configure services
    • Configure address books

To forward calls on to another number, click on the relevant link then, click on the check box for line 1, and add the number you wish to forward calls to into the box provided. Once the details have been entered, click on the Update button.

To remove the call forwarding you can simply click on the check box to deselect it and then click on the Update button.

For more information on the voicemail system please see Knowledgebase article #719 - ' The full manual on the Merlin House phone system can be downloaded by clicking on 7940 IP Phone Services User Guide.pdf .

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Merlin House Employees

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